Seabrook Wetland Conservation Plan: Protection and restoration of habitat, living resources and water quality




Laible, Michael R.

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


In June of 2000, Seabrook City Council approved the go ahead to develop the Seabrook Wetlands Conservation Plan. The plan was funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with the Clean Water Act and coordinated through the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP). GBEP contracted with the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) to prepare the plan. H-GAC worked with the City of Seabrook, citizens, and other agencies to develop the plan. The purpose of the plan is to present a balanced approach to conserving Seabrook's unique wetland resources while promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life for its residents..... The presentation will give an overview of the Seabrook Wetlands Plan and highlight the accomplishments to date.


pg. 127


water quality, habitat, ecology, watershed management, seabrook, wetlands conservation, economic growth, restoration, marshes, observation, birds, aquatic wildlife