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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


This Five-year Management Conference Agreement sets forth the work to be accomplished during the Management Conference itself (October 1, 1989 - September 30, 1994). The negotiated work activities and timeline presented in this workplan will be the general guide to GBNEP activities, while annual workplans (the first of which is submitted concurrently with this document) will lay out detailed projects and associated budgets. The overall framework for the five years of work outlined here consists of seven purposes put forth in the Water Quality Act of 1987 and directly quoted here: Purpose 1. Assess trends in water quality, natural resources, and uses of the estuary. Purpose 2. Collect, characterize, and assess data on toxics, nutrients, and natural resources within the estuarine zone to identify the causes of environmental problems. Purpose 3. Develop the relationship between the in place loads and point and nonpoint loadings of pollutants to the estuarine zone and the potential uses of the zone, water quality, and natural resources. Purpose 4. Develop a comprehensive conservation and management plan that recommends priority corrective actions and compliance schedules addressing point and nonpoint sources of pollution to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the estuary, including restoration and maintenance of water quality, a balanced indigenous population of shellfish, fish and wildlife, and recreational activities in the estuary, and assure that the designated uses of the estuary are protected. Purpose 5. Develop plans for the coordinated implementation of the plan by the States as well as Federal and local agencies participating in the conference. Purpose 6. Monitor the effectiveness of actions taken pursuant to the plan. Purpose 7. Review all Federal financial assistance programs and Federal development projects in accordance with the requirements of Executive Order 12372, as in effect on September 17, 1983, to determine whether such assistance program or project would be consistent with and further the purposes and objectives of the plan(s) prepared under this section. Because this agreement is based on the above Legislation, any future legislative changes could entail a re-evaluation and possible revision of this agreement. Also, the EPA OMEP has provided additional specific guidance designed to ensure that the seven purposes of the WQA will be met.


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