Conceptual Report on the Management of Bay and Estuarine Systems - Phase I




University of Texas at Austin Division of Natural Resources and the Environment
Interagency Council on Natural Resources and the Environment
Coastal Resources Management Program

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Division of Planning Coordination, Office of the Governor


The Management of Bay and Estuarine Systems represents the initial effort of an interdisciplinary team of biologists, economists, engineers, and geologists attempting to define, largely in a qualitative manner, certain criteria and methodology basic to the development of a coastal resources management program. This conceptual and descriptive report focuses on the abys and estuaries of the Coastal Zone as well as important features of the surrounding land areas. A basic analytical framework identifies the major economic sectors of the Zone and the activities that affect the environment. These activities are evaluated in terms of major environmental events in the Zone. The interrelationships among the major elements of the analytical framework required a conceptual approach to a resource-management program; thus, the natural framework of the Coastal Zone is defined in terms of major land- and water-resource or environmental units. The varying capabilities of these natural units to sustain use or acitivity provide a flexible baseline for management consistent with resource use and environmental quality. Further quantification is required for development of a realistic coastal resource management program.


192 pages; available for download at the link below.


water resources development, water quality management