South Texas Topographic Features Study: Final Report.




Bright, Thomas J. et al.

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Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Research Foundation


In 1976 studies were performed under the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contract on the nine topographical features (banks) listed in Table I-1 [Aransa Bank, Blackfish Ridge, Mysterious Bank, Stetson Bank, East Flower Garden Bank, 28 Fathom Bank, Hospital Bank, Southern Bank, and South Baker ] and depicted in Figures I-1 through I-10. Detailed bathymetric charts were produced for Stetson Bank, the East Flower Garden Bank and 28 Fathom Bank, southwest peak (Figs. I-5, I-6, and 1-7). Descriptive reconnaissance studies were completed in 1976 for Aransas Bank, Blackfish Ridge, Mysterious Bank and 28 Fathom Bank (Fig. 1). A descriptive account of biotic communities inhabiting Claypile Bank was prepared using existing data. The reconnaissance studies include: geology and biology of the banks and surrounding sediments; hydrography I the vincinity of the banks; chemical analyses of sediments and selected faunal components for trace metals and heavy molecular weight hydrocarbons; chemical analyses of the water column for nutrients, dissolved oxygen, and low molecular weight hydrocarbons; and temperature, salinity and transmissivity profiles of the water column. Post-drilling environmental assessments were made at Stetson Bank, South Baker Bank, Southern Bank and the East Flower Garden Bank. A high salinity brine lake was discovered and documented at the East Flower Garden Bank during the post-drilling assessment. Quantitative ecological studies were pursued into the relationships of epibenthic community distribution and abundance to the nepheloid layers at Southern Bank and Hospital Rock. A number of scientific papers have been presented and published during 1976 and 1977 based on work done under B.L.M. funding (Bright & Rezak, 1976; Rezak & Bright, 1976; Bright, 1976; Bright & Rezak, 1977; Bright, 1977, Ichiye, Bright & Rezak, 1977a; McGrail & Rezak, 1977).


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continental shelf, marine biology, sediments, geology, biology, bathymetric charts, hydrography, chemical analysis, faunal, hydrocarbons, trace metals, nutrients, dissolved oxygen, salinity, temperature, transmissivity profiles