Phytoplankton toxicity




Ward, Jack T., and B.J. Copeland

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The University of Texas, Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas


The phytoplankton toxicity phase of the Galveston Bay project is directed toward determination of toxicity in various locations of Galveston Bay which affect the survival of phytoplankton. These areas are Houston Ship Channel, Trinity River, Hannah's Reef, Bolivar Roads, Texas City Dike, and Dickinson Bay. A secondary objective is to determine what dilution, if any, will allow the normal growth of phytoplankton in various waters of the Galveston Bay system. Preliminary studies in this phase of the Galveston Bay project have been involved in working out methods for testing. Modification of two previously used assay methods have proven satisfactory. The filter paper disc method, described in the first quarterly report (April 1969), are used to screen the water samples before the liquid culture method is used. The liquid culture method has proven to be very sensitive.


pgs. 27-45


phytoplankton, toxicity, growth analysis, water analysis, algae