An analysis of the main scientific papers dealing with long term low level effects of oil pollution


1973 1973 May 21


Onuf CP

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2 approaches are appropriate to assessing probable chronic effects of oil pollution: (1) Comparison of spp composition and abundances in the vicinity of continuous introductions of oil into water (e.g. oil drilling platforms) with those in nearby areas free from these activities. (2) Comparison of short-term effects of low concs of oil on those biological functions which are likely to influence survival, growth, and reproduction. Studies carried out using these approaches are reviewed. These include field studies of oil fields, particularly along the coast of Louisiana, field studies of refinery wasters in Milford Haven, Southampton and Galveston Bay, studies carried out in the field near natural seeps at Santa Barbara, California, and laboratory studies of sublethal effects




abundance, analysis, biological, drilling, Galveston Bay, growth, Laboratories, marine environment, oil, oil fields, oil pollution, petroleum, physical, Pollution, pollution effects, Pollution surveys, Q5 01504 Effects on organisms, Reproduction, Sublethal effects, Survival, Synergism, USA, water