Benthic marine algal ecology in the Port Aransas, Texas area.




Edwards, P.
Kapraun, D.F.

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The benthic marine algal flora in the vicinity of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute at Port Aransas was studied at 26 monthly intervals. Eighty-nine species from 52 genera were collected during the study. The flora was considered in terms of the spatial and seasonal distribution of the species, the former being divided into horizontal and vertical components. The horizontal distribution was further divided into small scale or local and large scale or geographical distribution. Correlations were sought between the observed distribution of each local species in the area and various environmental factors in an attempt to determine the causal factors of the distribution of benthic marine algae. The major characteristic of the flora was its dynamism. The regular seasonal changes in the vegetation brought about largely by the pronounced annual temperature range of 17 Celsius, contrasted with the irregular changes in the local distribution between the two years, caused by erratic rainfall distribution with concomitant salinity variations and the occurrence of a hurricane.


p. 15-52.


Marine algae, Ecology