Fate and effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine ecosystems and organisms: proceedings of a symposium, November 10-12, 1976, Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington




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This volume presents most of the papers which were presented November 10-12, 1976 at an international symposium by the same title, held at the Olympic hotel in Seattle, Washington. The symposium, attended by approximately 350 persons, consisted of three half-day plenary sessions of invited papers and three half days of concurrent sessions for contributed papers describing original research results. On the final afternoon, a panel was convened to discuss future research priorities in this field. This symposium was sponsored by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and the environmental protection agency to provide a vehicle for documenting the current status of research on the fates and effects petroleum in marine environments, and for identifying areas still in need of future research. During the plenary sessions twelve invited scientists, each a recognized expert in his field, summarized various aspects of the following topics: A) Inputs and Physical transport process influencing the distribution and composition of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine systems; B) Bioaccumulation and Metabolism of hydrocarbons by marine organisms; and C) Biological and Ecological effects of petroleum exposure in marine systems. These summary review presentations appear in part 1 of this volume; part 2 consists of those contributed papers which were accepted for publication; and part 3 is the transcript of the panel discussion. Not all the papers presented at the meeting appear in this volume; a complete list appears on pages 456-466.


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oil pollution of the sea, congresses, conferences, meetings, hydrocarbons, petroleum, oil, environmental aspects, physiological effect