Proposed multipurpose deepwater port and crude oil distribution system, Galveston, Texas.




Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated

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Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated


Contains--Main Report. Volume I(a,b,c): Appendix A - Project description. Volume II: Appendix B - Hydrography. Volume III: Appendix C - Hydrology. Volume IV: Appendix D - Water quality. Volume V: Appendices E-J - Ecology. Volume VI: Appendix K - Air quality. Volume VII: Appendix L - Socioeconomics. Volume VIII: Appendix M - History/archeology. Volume IX: Appendix N - Alternatives, Appendix O - Coordination. Volume X: Appendix P - Chemistry, Appendix Q - Bioassay. Volume XI: Appendix R - Noise. Volume XII: Appendix S - Monitoring programs. Supplement to Appendix E - Vegetation. Supplement to Appendix M - History and archeology. Second supplement to Appendix M, History and archeology. Third supplement to Appendix M, History and archeology. Supplement to Appendix N, Alternatives. Supplement to Appendix O, coordination. Supplement to appendix Q, bioassays and bioaccumulation studies.


ARCHIVAL MATERIAL. 12 vols. + 10 supplements


dredging, bioassays, bioaccumulation, dredge spoil, water pollution, crude oil, deep-water terminals, port installations, sociological aspects, environmental impact, monitoring, waste disposal, tanker ships, berthing, air pollution, permits, pipelines, Archaeology, vegetation cover, hydrology, oil and gas industry, oil and gas production