First Draft of 2-Year Work Plan



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Coastal Resources Management Program


This report contains the first draft of a 2-year work plan as conceived in early January 1971. It attempts to spell out what major studies are needed in order to attain the 1972 goal of developing a Coastal Resources Management Program for Texas. No detailed attempt has been made to show how these dozen odd pieces would fit together. In fact, the main purpose of this report is to put down - in one place - the salient features and brief outlines of each proposed project. Thus it forms a document that can serve as the center piece for a productive 2-day skull session on January 8-9. This session must set the remainder of the project in proper perspective and scope its individual pieces. The last section does contain, however, a brief PERT-type chart showing the most essential information flow/study-interface features. As such it is a very crude document - prepared to draw critical review and comment.


Approximately 75 pages


coastal zone management