Development of ground water in the Houston District, Texas, 1970-1974.




Gabrysch, R.K.

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Total withdrawls of ground water in the Houston district increased 9 percent from about 488 million gallons per day (21,4 cubic meters per second) in 1970 to about 532 gallon per day (23.3 cubic meters per second) in 1974.The average rate of increase from 1960 to 1969 was about 6.3%. During 1970-1974, increases in pumpage occured in the Houston, Katy, and NASA areas; decreases occurred in the Pasadena and Alta Loma areas; and the pumpage in the Baytown-LaPorte area and Texas City areas remained almost constant. Water levels continued to decline throughout the district during 1979-1974, but the rate of decline generally was not as great as in previous years. The greatest declines in the past several years were in the Houston Area, but in the center is still in the Pasadena and Baytown-LaPorte areas.


44 p.


ground water, water use, water resources, resource use