Establishment of operational guidelines for Texas coastal zone management. Interim report on water needs and residuals management.




Sherman, J.S.
Malina, J.F., Jr.

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University of Texas at Austin


The data collection effort for the study covered the Texas Coastal Zone with the Coastal Bend Council of Governments region the area of more intense study. The Corpus Christi metropolitan area was the area of specific study using the data system established for the entire Coastal Zone. Industrial and municipal residual generation and water use data were compiled and analyzed for the public and private sectors. Such coefficients will enable economic predictions for industrial groups and population projections for communities to be translated into resultant waste loads and water demand. Cost data will be used to translate the increase in waste production into the associated costs of disposal. The water use data will enable prediction of increases in treatment plants and ground water facilities. Irrigation water use is also tabulated to enable evaluation of agricultural water demand. The basic data system permitted the assessment of wastewater loads entering Corpus Christi Bay. The points of discharge were tabulated and given to the estuarine modeling group for inclusion in the Corpus Christi Bay model.


128 p.


coastal zone management, water use, economics, estuaries, modeling