Coastal resources report. Report to the Governor and the 68th Legislature. Issues not resolved by the Natural Resources Advisory Committee and referred to Council for consideration. Final draft, part II.




Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council.

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Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council


In this final draft of TENRAC's Coastal Natural Resources Report, the Natural Resources Advisory Committee was unable to reach a consensus either in favor of or in opposition to the recommendations contained in the Wetlands and Dunes sections of this report. The Wetlands and Dunes section of the draft report contemplates a role for the state in the management of privately owned lands. This state role consists of three types of activity: governmental entry into the marketplace in the form of economic incentive, public acquisition of certain lands, and governmental regulation. These recommendations propose the involvement of state government in decisions concerning the use of privately owned lands as a means of better securing the public's interest in these lands.


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government policy, wetlands, dunes, coastal zone, coastal zone management, environmental legislation, legislation, shore protection, government policy, economics