Incorporating risk and uncertainty into environmental evaluation: An annotated bibliography




Yoe, Charles E.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Resources Support Center, Institute for Water Resources


This report introduces Corps personnel involved in the planning of environmental/ecosystem restoration projects to some of the relevant literature for assessment of risk and uncertainty issues in the evaluation of environmental investments. The literature review serves two audiences: both as a primer on the general risk and uncertainty literature that will help planners find the tools they need to do risk analysis; and as a gateway to the more detailed and specific applications of risk analysis to environmental issues for Corps' risk analysts, planners, managers, modelers, and environmental experts. Fifty-two books, reports, papers, and articles are reviewed at length. The report also provides suggestions to the reader for sources of information worth monitoring for future developments in the literature, as well as an extended traditional bibliography of books and articles (not reviewed or annotated) of potential interest.


192 pgs.


literature reviews, bibliographies, restoration, ecosystem management, ecosystems, planning, resources, environmental risk assessment, environmental impact analysis, environmental policy, environmental management, evaluation