Annotated Summary of Climate Change Resources

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United States Environmental Protection Agency

The purpose of this annotated summary is to provide the reader with a tool for identifying the range of available resources pertaining to climate change. The information contained in this resource guide is intended to assist researchers and decision makers, particularly those from developing countries, in their efforts to develop, implement, and evaluate climate change programs and conduct climate change studies (e.g., emission inventories, mitigation assessments, vulnerability and adaptation analysis). While a wide variety of analytic and assessment tools, guidelines, and information resources are available, these resources are dispersed among numerous public and private entities throughout the world, making it difficult for potential users to identify and access relevant materials. Furthermore, because decision makers in developing countries face significant challenges in pursuing development objectives, efforts to address climate change are typically evaluated in light of how they may affect sustainable development goals and near-term local environmental conditions. Therefore, the annotations in this resource guide identify which environmental protection or sustainable development objective might also be addressed by each climate change resource.

120 pages; available for download at the link below.
climate change -- bibliography, global warming, environmental protection