Use of dredged material islands by colonial seabirds and wading birds in Texas.




Chaney, A.H.
Chapman, B.R.
Karges, J.P.
Nelson, D.A.
Schmidt, R.R.

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Texas A&M University


The purpose of this study was to aid personnel of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in assessing the environment impact of dredged material disposal sites by gathering information on those islands in Texas waters. Thirty-four islands were selected for detailed study, 17 in the Houston-Galveston area and 17 in the upper Laguna Madre near Corpus Christi. The following investigative activities were concluded: (1) the islands were photographed, visited by boat, and measured as to elevation and area; (2) over 3000 soil samples were taken; (3) the vegetation of each island was identified, measured, and quantified in over 3000 quadrats; (4) Plant communities were identified and vegetation maps of each island were constructed; (5) birds using the islands as nesting sites were identified and their nests monitored; (6) location of colonies was plotted on island maps and nesting information was summarized and placed in tabular form; (7) islands, birds, and vegetation were related to each other and discussed; (8) the numbers and species of nesting birds were compared with those nesting on natural sites in each area and for the entire Texas coast; and (9) recommendations were made concerning island construction, maintenance, and management in relation to nesting seabirds and wading birds.


317 p.


ornithology, nesting area, dredge spoil