Waste load evaluation for the upper Trinity River system in the Trinity River basin, segment 0804: Trinity River above Lake Livingston, segment 0805: upper Trinity River - lower West Fork Trinity River, segment 0806: West Fork Trinity River below Lake Worth.




Texas Water Commission

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Texas Water Commission


A waste load evaluation for the Upper Trinity River (Segments 0804, 0805, and 0806) had been prepared by the Texas Department of Water Resources. It was adopted by the Texas Water Development Board on August 21, 1985 and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency on October 2, 1985. The purpose of this evaluation is to recommend waste treatment levels and effluent limitations that will result in the receiving water meeting applicable dissolved oxygen criteria through the year 1990. Recommendations are based on growth projections, water quality data and other information that were available as of April 1, 1985. This report updates and amends any previous waste load evaluations and becomes part of the state water quality management plans.


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wastewater, river basins, water quality, water management, water pollution