IXTOC-1 Effects on Intertidal and Subtidal Infauna of South Texas Gulf Beaches



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Contributions in Marine Science


A tar reef created by the IXTOC-1 oil spill in the Bay of Campeche was found in the intertidal region on Padre Island. This tar reef changed configuration from March to July of 1980 and had disappeared by October 1980. The tar in the reef was composed of greater than 20% oil by weight. The infaunal communities around this reef were affected by its presence when compared to prespill communities on Padre Island. The total number of organisms decreased and some fauna were completely excluded from the area of the reefs. For example, haustoriid amphipods were common on Padre Island before the spill, but were not observed in the area of the reef. Other species present before the spill had been displaced to areas immediately adjacent to the reef.


pages 23-35


Padre Island, oil spill, IXTOC-1 oil spill, oil pollution