The shallow water marine isopods of Texas.




Clark, S.T.

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Lamar University.


A total of thirty-seven species of isopods, excluding the Suborder Epicaridea, is reported for the Texas coast. A illustrated key is provided for their identification. Eighteen of the species have not previously been reported from Texas. Five appear to be new species, two of which are described ( Anthelura harperi n. sp. and Synidotea teres n. sp.). Of the species listed seven are fish parasites. Twenty-three species were found inshore and fifteen species were collected offshore. A comparison of zoogeographical affinities reveals that the Texas coast has a mixture of warm- temperate and tropical isopod fauna. The northern inshore Texas coast, from a boundary line just north of Port O'Connor, has a high percentage of warm-temperate species with a substantial addition of tropical species. The southern inshore Texas coast, generally considered a transitional area, has a equal proportion of warm-temperate and tropical species. The offshore isopod fauna shows the same trend, but collections are meager, especially from the northern area.


195 p., Thesis


isopods, marine crustaceans, new species, Anthelura harperi, Synidotea teres, parasites, parasitism, biogeography