A study of the hydrological and nutrient exchange processes in the Trinity River Delta, Texas. Part I: An investigation of nutrient exchange in the Trinity River Delta




Belaire, C.E.
Price, P.T.

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Espey, Huston and Associates, Incorporated


The increasing demand for freshwater in Texas is, in large part due to widespread and rapid growth of the state's population and economy. This increase water usage causes significant changes in downstream environments that depend on freshwater inflows. In particular, reduced inflows to the bays and estuaries of the Texas coast can reduce the supply of nutrients, and thus the productivity of these areas. It is important to predict the effects of reduced freshwater inflow on coastal marsh systems. The objective of the study described in this report was to quantitatively assess the water and nutrient exchange processes in the Trinity River Delta over a range of freshwater - inflow conditions.


86 pgs.


river basins, inflow, water analysis, disolved oxygen, carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen, water currents, fresh water, hydrology, nutrients