Galveston Bay Hurricane Surge Study. Report 1. Effects of Proposed Barriers on Hurricane Surge Heights. Appendix A: Calibration Tests. Hydraulic Model Investigation




Sager RA; McNair EC

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The appendix is one of a series of reports presenting results of efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of possible hurricane protection systems for the Galveston Bay, Texas, complex. Results of tests to define head losses associated with key portions of the complex are presented to serve as input to a mathematical model of the Galveston Bay area. Results of tests to define the head losses for normal tides and hurricane surge conditions for the Galveston Harbor Entrance and the barrier beaches associated with Galveston Bay are presented. Development of model structures to allow the effectiveness of two barrier plans (Alpha and Gamma) to be evaluated in a distorted-scale model (1:100 vertically and 1:3000 horizontally) is discussed. Model structures of a 400-ft-wide by -55 ft msl navigation opening for each plan and a gated opening with the top of the gate at +5 ft msl were developed. (Author)




50B Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering;Area;Barriers;Bays;Beaches;Breakwaters;Calibration;Floods;Galveston;Galveston bay;Head;Hurricane protection;Hydraulic models;Model tests;Navigation;Ocean waves;Protection;Seacoast;Shore protection;Storm surges;Structures;Texas;Tides;Tropical cyclones;United States;Waterways;Wave barriers;