Spartina alterniflora response to fertilizer rates, planting dates, and elevation in Galveston Bay, Texas

Webb, J.W.
Dodd, J.D.
Weichert, A.T.
Koerth, B.H.
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Spartina alterniflora transplant response to 5 fertilizer rates, two planting dates, and different elevations were evaluated on sandy dredge material, Bolivar Peninsula, Texas in 1977. Survival, shoot production, and growth of Spartina alterniflora occured throughout the site but significant differences in survival at low and high elevations for each date occured. Higher tides following the May transplant period apparently shifted the zone of best survival and growth upward as compared to February transplant period. A zone of low survival and growth occurred at mhw for both dates. Better survival, tiller production, and growth of Spartina alterniflora was achieved as a result of the May transplanting date rather than the February transplanting. However, density of stems by the end of the growing season was still greater in February planting despite lower inital survival. Fertilized plots did not produce more growth than unfertilized plots.

pgs. 379-399
Spartina alterniflora, dredge spoil, survival, growth, aquatic plants