A partially annotated checklist of the marine fishes of Texas.

Hoese, H.D.
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This paper is basically the result of a literature survey with the attempt to list all species of fishes known to occur in Texas marine waters. The annotations are not complete, except for rare or uncommon forms. Doubtful records are not included in the systematic listing but are mentioned in a discussion under the proper category. Fresh-water species are included on the basis of their known existence in bay waters over ten parts per thousand total salts. The fresh-water fishes of the saltier Texas rivers are not included, however, because it is felt that these are not true part of the marine fauna. Remarks on the abundance and distribution of the common forms are taken from the main ecological works on Texas marine fishes and from observations of the writer. For the purpose of this paper Texas waters are considered to be those which lie north of the 25 degree 58'North latitude and west of the 93 degree 49' West longitude, including bays and lagoons from the Rio Grande River to Sabine Lake. This area includes waters outside the 1000 fathom line. The fish fauna of these deeper waters is essentially uniform throughout the Gulf, but since these areas have been poorly collected, fishes known in this area are included.

p. 312-352.
marine fish, check lists, abundance, ecological distribution, taxonomy