A review of technical report No. 26. Study of selected chemical and biological conditions of the lower Trinity River and Upper Trinity Bay




Steed, D.L.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District


Located near the mouth of the Trinity River, the project consists of a low dam having a maximum design water surface elevation of 4.0 feet above mean sea level, a navigation channel and lock, recreational areas, the various ancillary facilities needed for operation and minor bend easings in the channel. It is a continuing construction project with completion scheduled for November 1973. Alleviation of a saltwater intrusion problem, improvement to navigation upstream, augmentation of water supply, and addition of recreational areas are expected. Displacement of brackish water marsh with freshwater habitat is expected which will decrease habitat for related fish and crustaceans. Adverse effects would be loss of fishery resources in upper Trinity Bay consisting of 7,200 acres of estuarine nursery area. Construction will destroy some archeological sites and subject others to inundation.


Exhibit 9, p. E9.1-E9.15


environmental impact, literature reviews, reservoirs, dams, River and Harbor Act of 1962