Study of the Post-larval Penaeid Shrimp Entering Texas Bays from the Gulf of Mexico - Study of the Texas Shrimp Populations



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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Post-larval penaeids, presumably brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, were first caught: in the Port Aransas Channel on February 1, and were present in varying abundance in samples both in this channel and in the Port Mansfield and Port Isabel Channels through the end of April. They were most abundant in the Port Aransas Channel samples of March 6 and 31, and in the Port Mansfield and Port Isabel Channel samples of April 11 and 12. Post-larval penaeids, probably white shrimp, P. setiferus, and possibly pink shrimp, P. duorarum, were first taken in the Port Aransas Channel sample, of June 4 and were caught regularly here and in the southern channels through the latter part of Sepcember with sporadic appearances throughout the rest of the year. Associated planktonic organisms taken in abundance were Mysids, Acetes sp.and Lucifer.


pages 135-144; available for download at the link below.


Port Isabel Channel, Port Aransas Channel, shrimp population, population survey