Potential onshore effects of deepwater oil terminal-related industrial development. Vol. III Part 4. Gulf coast region.




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Arthur D. Little, Incorporated


Two potential deepwater terminal sites were assumed for the purposes of this study, one off Grand Isle, Louisiana, and the other off Freeport, Texas. The terminal locations assumed for this study represent the reality of what is occurring in Louisiana and Texas in regard to deepwater terminal development: these locations are under active consideration. The impact analysis on the Gulf Coast was evaluated on the basis of three major options: (1) no deepwater terminal anywhere along the Gulf Coast; (2) a deepwater terminal off Lafourche, Louisiana; and (3) a deepwater terminal off Freeport, Texas. These three major alternatives result in different state allocations of projected refinery capacity and associated development along the Gulf Coast.


261 p.


deep-water terminals, offshore terminals, oil refineries, environmental impact, coast effects