Texas Wetland Information Network (WetNet) project: implementation of an Internet-based network to facilitate the acquisition, use, and exchange of wetland-related information: Supplemental final report




Texas General Land Office, Coastal Division

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Texas Genral Land Office, Coastal Division


The Texas General Land Office was granted an extension on the Texas Wetlands Information Network (WetNet) to maintain and improve the WetNet web site by incorporating new participating entities. The main goal of the extension was to develop and compile the Coastal Natural Resources Areas (CNRAs), which consists of several layers compiled together, from waters of the open gulf of Mexico, to tidal sands and mudflats, to coastal preserves. Four new participating entities were identified and have been incorporated into the WetNet which are: the Texas Historical Commission, the Galveston Bay Estuary Program, the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program, and the Galveston Bay Foundation. The web site adds new participants and their information as they become available to the public. This report goes through all of the information and sites available via the WetNet web site.


100 pgs.


coastal resources, tidal effects, wetlands, marshes, mud flats, erosion, coastal erosion, oyster reefs, aquatic plants, coastal defenses, beaches