The water's edge: critical problems of the Coastal Zone.




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This report represents the professional judgment created by mans use of coastal resources. Guidelines and recommendations are presented for actions which can be taken to ameliorate, correct or improve present or predicted deteriorations of the coastal environment. The specific conclusions and recommendations of the workshop are summarized in chapter 1 on this book. All participants at the workshop were involved in the discussions which led to these conclusions and recommendations. The subsequent sections of the report contain the justification for the conclusions and recommendations presented in the summary. These sections were developed through intensive discussion and study by the participants who were then edited for form and smoothness in a post workshop session by the steering committee, but great care was taken not to alter emphasis or meaning of important points. The participants who attended the workshop have not had an opportunity to examine the final wording of these expanded sections; therefore it should not be assumed that every participant subscribes to every statement presented in parts 2 and 3 of the report.


393 pgs.


coasts, coastal zone, management, marine biology, marine resources