Cumulative habitat impact assessment (revised). Appendix D: individual project review summaries (2 Volumes).




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Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.

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Port of Houston Authority


This report addresses 23 parameters for 10 past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future projects viewed as pertinent to the bay's condition. These parameters include biological, physical, chemical, socioeconomic, and cultural attributes. All 10 projects were assessed (1) in conjunction with continued maintenance dredging of the Houston Ship Channel, (2) in conjunction with a proposed open bay unconfined disposal scenario in which new dredge material would be placed in subaqueous unconfined disposal cells and in upland confined and semiconfined disposal cells, and (3) in conjunction with the proposed Beneficial Uses Group (BUG) plan in which new dredge material would be used to construct marshes, a bird island, and shoreline protection. Included in this report is a section which defines each of the specific habitats, and a section which gives historical habitat trends and their current status.


ARCHIVAL MATERIAL. Vol.1 127 p., Vol.2 217 p.


dredge material, marshes, wetlands, wetland restoration, wetland creation