Effects of Engineering Projects on the Ecology of Jones Bay - Effects of Engineering Projects on Galveston Bay Estuaries - Evaluation of the Effects of Estuarine Engineering Projects




Johnson, Roy B., Jr.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


In 1962 construction was begun on the Texas City and Vicinity Hurricane- Flood Protection Project, a program of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, which provided for a 16.2 mile long earthen seawall along the western shoreline of Galveston Bay. This levee, with a maximum height of 23 feet above sea level, was designed to protect low areas from tidal flooding during storms. In 1964, the Hitchcock Extension of the Hurricane-Flood Protection was proposed, a plan consisting of an 11.4 mile levee to protect the city of Hitchcock and vicinity. A portion of this levee crosses Jones Bay. Circulation in the bay would be provided by a closable tidal structure and culvert openings.


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flood control, sea walls, levees, environmental effects, ecology