Index to research on coastal and estuarine waters in the United States.




Ditsworth, G.R.

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Pacific Northwest Water Laboratory.


This index describes more than 250 research projects on coastal and estuarine waters of the United States that were in progress during 1966 or are planned for the near future by governmental, academic, and private facilities. The projects encompass biological, chemical, geological, and physical aspects of the marine environments. The following information is listed for each project: (1) project title; (2) state where research is conducted or the state from which the study is conducted; (3) university or agency conducting the research; (4) principal investigator(s) and (5) the information source. Projects are grouped according to four coastal regions: Pacific Coast (California to Alaska), Gulf Coast (Texas to Florida), South Atlantic Coast (Georgia to Maryland), and North Atlantic Coast (Delaware to Maine). In each regional category, the projects are listed under subject headings: Biological Studies; Physical and Chemical studies; waste disposal, pollution and Water Treatment Studies; Multidiscipline Environmental Studies; and Research Projects Planned. Sources of information for this index were gathererd from ten references.


33 p.


estuaries; coastal zone; biology; geology; chemistry; research programs