Economic losses from marine pollution: a handbook for assessment




Ofiara, Douglas D. and Joseph J. Seneca

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Island Press


Marine pollution encompasses a variety of different causes and effects, and both the "hard" sciences (marine sciences, chemistry) as well as the "soft" sciences (comics and public policy analysis) have addressed various issues. Resulting economic effects can be quite varied. This book is one of the first attempts to identify the economic effects that can result from marine pollution that is specific to ecosystems and their organisms (e.g., specific effects on marine habitats and their organisms) as well as impacts to mankind (e.g., health , recreation, and production activities). Until now there ahs been a lack of a self -contained and systematic treatment of marine pollution and the resulting economic effects. The separate disciplines and professions examined marine pollution and its impacts in their own manner. This has created a gap in knowledge and communication among economists, environmental researchers, and practitioners. The primary motivation in writing this book was to fulfill both of these needs.


388 pgs.


water, pollution, economic aspects, marine pollution, measurement, water quality, welfare economics, environmental economics, social, federal legislation, rulemaking, impairments, degradations, economic damages, economic losses, principles and methods of assessments