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    • Maintenance Dredging Channel to Port Bolivar, Texas - Draft Environmental Statement 

      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, 1974)
      The action of maintaining the existing Federal navigation project in Galveston County, Texas by periodic removal of shoaled materials will maintain the carrying capacity of the channel for efficient movement of the ...
    • Making Sense of Open Space for Galveston Bay Communities 

      Shead, Linda R. (Galveston Bay Estuary Program, 2003)
      To communities struggling to meet increasing demands for services with insufficient revenues, undeveloped land appears to be a taxing opportunity waiting to happen. Certainly no one can successfully argue that the value ...
    • Man's Impact on the Outer Banks of North Carolina 

      Dolan, Robert (United States Department of the Interior National Park Service Office of Natural Science, 1972)
      No abstract available.
    • Management of the Mudshell Industry - Oyster Reef Development and Protection 

      Hofstetter, R. P. (Texas Game and Fish Commission, 1960-08-01)
      Objectives: To regulate the mudshell industry for the protection of existing live oyster reefs. To explore means and methods for permitting maximum shell production with minimum damage to the oyster resources.
    • Managing Nonpoint Source Pollution 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1992-01)
      This report focuses on the state of the national effort to control nonpoint source pollution as of October 1, 1989. Included are the findings of the state nonpoint source assessments; state programs for addressing problems ...
    • Manual for Mass Wire Tagging of Hatchling Sea Turtles and the Detection of Internal Wire Tags 

      Higgins, Benjamin M.; Robertson, Bradley A.; Williams, Theodore D. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service, 1997-07)
      Preparation of this manual was motivated by a need for a comprehensive field guide covering the application of internal wire tags in the mass tagging of sea turtle hatchlings and the detectiong of those tags later in the ...
    • Manual: Constructed Wetlands Treatment of Municipal Wastewaters 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2000-09)
      This manual discusses the capabilities of constructed wetlands, a functional design approach, and the management requirements to achieve the designed purpose. The manual also attempts to put the proper perspective on the ...
    • Mapping of Exposed Shell and Reefs in Lavaca Bay and East Matagorda Bay - General Ecological Survey of the Matagorda Area 

      Munro, G. J. (Texas Game and Fish Commission Marine Laboratory, 1961)
      Mapping of Lavaca Bay was completed. Time was not available to accomplish any further work on East Matagorda Bay bottom. It was found that exposed shell and reef areas have greatly decreased in Lavaca Bay since the mapping ...
    • Marina Environmental Measures Guide 

      Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program, 2003)
      No abstract available.
    • Marine Commerce: report to 65th legislature 

      Texas Coastal and Marine Council. (, 1977)
      This report is one of a series developed in response to S.R. 269 and H.S.R. 82, which called for a comprehensive assessment of current activities, problems and opportunities regarding marine commerce in Texas by the Texas ...
    • Marine Debris Action Agenda 

      Gulf of Mexico Program Marine Debris Subcommittee; American Management Systems, Inc. (Gulf of Mexico Program, 1992-12)
      This addendum to the October 1991 Marine Debris Action Agenda provides a status report on the action items proposed in that document. Of the fifty-five action items, 14 are completed/ongoing (26%), 33 are in various stages ...
    • Marine drilling exploration; technical and environmental criteria for rig selection 

      Krupa, Steven L; Watson, Ian (1984-06)
      The appropriate rig for offshore drilling is not necessarily the Glomar Challenger of the Discoverer Seven Seas, but rather the combination of equipment that best fits the budget and requirements of the project under ...
    • Marine Education 

      Texas Sea Grant College Program (Texas Sea Grant College Program, 1994-01)
      This bibliography was first published as a result of a cooperative education effort of the nation's Sea Grant programs and the staff of The Living Seas pavilion presented by United Technologies at EPCOT Center in Orlando, ...
    • Marine fish faunal survey 

      Hoese, H.D. (Texas Game and Fish Commission, 1959)
      Fishes were collected from the Texas jetties and oyster reefs by the use of rotenone. One new fish, Agonostomus monticola, was taken and many were taken that were originally considered uncommon. The sheepshead Archosargus ...
    • Marine Resources: The Industrial View 

      Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program (Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program, 1969)
      Workshop publication
    • Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996-09)
      The Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document focuses on methods for characterizing toxicity associated with discharges to marine waters including effluents and receiving waters. Its purpose ...
    • Marking of Sport-fishing Reefs 

      Leary, Terrance R. (Texas Game and Fish Commission, 1959)
      Fifty fiber glass buoys were purchased and were allotted to the different bay areas along the coast as requested by the field biologists. Forty-three of the buoys were placed on good fishing areas, usually oyster reefs, ...
    • Mass Spawning by Reef Corals in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea 

      Gittings, Stephen R.; Boland, Gregory S.; Merritt, Christopher R. B.; Kendall, James J.; Deslarzes, Kenneth J. P.; Hart, James (Gulf of Mexico Foundation, 1994)
      This document contains reports from Project Reef Spawn, a cooperative effort between volunteers and scientists to coordinate observations of coral spawning in 1994 at four sites in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea.
    • May is American Wetlands Month Fact Sheet 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2003)
      No abstract available.