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    • Ideas for Conducting a Hurricane Awareness Campaign 

      Federal Disaster Assistance Administration (Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, 1979-05)
      This book of ideas is written to assist you in conducting a public awareness - or public education - campaign to reduce the loss of life on that ultimate date that a hurricane hits your community or state. It is written ...
    • Identification of Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Trout by Scale Characteristics 

      Mosher, Kenneth H. (United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Commercial Fishes, 1969-08)
      Description and illustration of the scales of each species, a key to identifying species by use of scale characters, and a section on the appearance of juvenile salmon scales are presented.
    • Impact of a Local Earth-Day Program 

      Levenson, Hanna (Environmental Quality Program, Texas A&M University, 1971)
      The first report in a series of Environmental Quality Notes to be made available by the A&M Environmental Quality Program was chosen because it represents one of the few attempts to assess the impact of an Earth-Day (1970) ...
    • The Impact of Climate Change on Texas Coastal Systems 

      Rodriguez, A.B.; Anderson, J.B (, 1999)
      No abstract available
    • Impacts of point and nonpoint sources on Vince Bayou and Little Vince Bayou: Segment 1007 of the Houston Ship Channel 

      Conley, Greg (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Office of Compliance and Enforcement, Field Operations Divison, 1997)
      Vince Bayou, much of which is tidally influenced, flows the City of Pasadena into the Houston Ship Channel (HSC). Both point source (Wastewater Treatment Plan) and nonpoint source runoff (commercial and residential) occur ...
    • Implementation strategy for the Galveston Bay plan 

      Keller, Rebekah, L., Carl E. Masterson, Gary Mitchell, Edward G. Polasek, Jeffrey M. Taebel, Oliver Pennington, J.B. Ruhl, and Charles Williams (Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, 1994)
      The Galveston Bay Plan is the result of five years of research and planning by the Galveston Bay National Estuary Program Management conference. This report describes how Plan implementation will be led by a newly created ...
    • Importance of Seafood-Linked Employment and Payroll in Texas 

      Haby, MG; Edwards, RA; Reisinger, EA; Tillman, RE; Younger, WR (Sea Grant Program, Texas A&M University, 1993)
      This report quantifies seafood-linked employment and payroll beginning with those firms supplying commercial fishing enterprises and ending with retail interests.
    • Improving coastal resource management; a strategy to integrate impacts 

      Fischer, David W (1984-06)
      Coastal resource management strategies sometimes fail when they do not integrate development impacts into the existing ad hoc approach to coastal management. This paper outlines a set of strategies coastal developers may ...
    • Improving Energy Efficiency - The Role of Public Policy 

      American Assembly (Columbia University, 1978)
      The report which follows is the result of the deliberations of 65 Americans from the worlds of business, labor, education, journalism, government, the legal (bench and bar) and other professions. They came from 20 states ...
    • Increasing Weather Awareness - Hurricanes 

      Geer, Ira W. (State University of New York, State University College, National School Weather Project, 1978-12)
      The assessment determined there were 18.5 million public school students enrolled in some 31,000 schools in the coastal states extending from Texas to Maine during the 1976-77 school year. In spite of the vulnerability of ...
    • The Index of Watershed Indicators 

      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water, 1997)
      This Index of Watershed Indicators (the Index) is the first national effort to organize national available aquatic resource information and present it at the watershed level. The Index is built on 15 different water resources ...
    • Indian Point Shoreline Protection Coastal Projects No. 1103 

      Turner Collie & Braden Inc. (, 2003)
      No abstract available
    • Industrial and Hazardous Waste: Rules and Regulations for Small-Quantity Generators 

      Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission Small Business and Environmental Assistance Division (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, 1999-10)
      For many small businesses in Texas, the hardest part of complying with environmental laws is understanding what the laws mean and knowing what to do. When it comes to waste, the rules and regulations can be very perplexing. ...
    • Industrial and Hazardous Waste: Rules and Regulations for Small-Quantity Generators 

      Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, 2009-06)
      For many small businesses in Texas, the most difficult part of complying with environmental laws is understanding what the laws mean. The rules and regulations regarding waste can be perplexing. The U.S. Environmental ...
    • Information Management for the Watershed Approach in the Pacific Northwest 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1997-05)
      This document, number 6 in the Series, centers on a series of interviews with leaders and key participants in the statewide watershed approach activities in the State of Washington. The document reviews Washington's statewide ...
    • Intensive Survey of the Trinity River Segment 0805 July 1983 

      Davis, Jack R. (Texas Department of Water Resources, 1984-09)
      An intensive water quality survey was conducted on the Trinity River (Segment 0805) on July 11-15, 1983. Twenty-six mainstream stations, nine tributary stations, and six dischargers were sampled. Stream width ranged from ...
    • Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule - What Does It Mean to You? 

      United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water (, 2001-06)
      The purpose of this guide is to detail the regulatory requirements of the Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (IESWTR). The IESWTR, published in the Federal Register on December 16, 1998 (63 FR 69478; ...
    • Interim Guidelines for Building Occupant Protection from Tornadoes and Extreme Winds 

      McDonald, James R.; Minor, Joseph E.; Mehta, Kishor C. (United States Government Printing Office, 1975-09)
      The understanding of tornadoes and the technology of tornado-resistant design are advancing at rapid rates. These technological advances are occurring so fast that we can expect, in the foreseeable future, the development ...
    • Interim Report of the Senate Committee to Study Texas Beaches 65th Legislature 

      Texas Legislature Senate Committee to Study Texas Beaches (Texas Legislature Senate Committee to Study Texas Beaches, 1979-01)
      At the heart of this report are the fourteen specific recommendations which the committee adopted unanimously. These suggestions, if implemented, will aid in protecting the state's free public beaches for future generations ...