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    • A Digital Repository for Beach Management Data 

      Baca, David R., Ph.D.; McElfresh, Laura (2014-04-25)
      The Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees, a governmental entity created in 1962 by the Texas Legislature, is responsible for preserving and promoting the Island's natural resources, including its beaches. The Park Board ...
    • Launching ShoreNet 

      Mitchell, Alexandra; Baca, David R.; McElfresh, Laura (Texas Digital Library2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (Austin, TX, 24-26 April 2016), 2016-05-25)
      Two years ago at TCDL, the Jack K. Williams Library announced the creation of "A Clearinghouse for Beach Management Data". At the 2015 ASPBA Coastal Conference this past October, we finally launched the fully functional ...
    • Waking Up With the Stats On Fire 

      McElfresh, Laura (2019-03-04)
      Describes the speaker's experience with, and lessons learned from, setting up COUNTER 4 SUSHI usage reports in OCLC WorldShare.