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    • Disturbance tolerance in a Texas waterbird colony 

      Mueller AJ; Glass PO (, 1988)
      In the winters of 1983-1984 and 1984-1985, oil wells were drilled adjacent to a waterbird colony on Pelican Island in Galveston Bay, Texas, USA. Drilling was finished on Feb. 29, 1984, but technical problems prevented ...
    • Wetland use by waterbirds that winter in coastal Texas 

      Anderson JT; Tacha TC; Muehl GT; Lobpries D (NATL. BIOL. SERV.: INF. TECHNOL. REP. no. 8, 1940)
      Wetland use and selection by species of waterbirds (shorebirds, wading birds, gulls, terns, grebes, cormorants, and pelicans) between the Rio Grande and Galveston Bay in coastal Texas were studied during September and ...