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    • Emergence of a new Vibrio parahaemolyticus serotype in raw oysters 

      Daniels, N.A., MD, MPH; Ray, B., RN; Easton, A., PhD, MPH; Marano, N., DVM, MPH; Kahn, E., PhD, MPH; McShan, A.L., II; Del Rosario, L.; Baldwin, T.; Kingsley, M.A.; Puhr, N.D.; Wells, J.G., MS; Angulo, R.J., DVM, PhD (, 2000)
      An increase in the number of cases of Vibrio paraheamolyticus were reported in 1998. Studies were done to track these problems to try and control them. The studies linked the Vibrio paraheamolyticus to contaminated oyster ...