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    • Behavior and ecological parasitology. 

      Aldrich, D.V. (, 1965)
      Research was continued from prior years on the evaluation of tapeworms as potential biological tags for shrimp. Other studies included an assessment of the effects of temperature on shrimp growth.
    • Observations on the ecology and life cycle of Prochristianella penaei Kruse (Cestoda trypanormynchai). 

      Aldrich, D.V. (, 1963)
      Examination of Penaeus aztecus and P. setiferus from the Galveston Bay show Prochristianella penaei to be common in these shrimp, thus extending the known range of this tapeworm to the western Gulf of Mexico.
    • Shrimp parasitology. 

      Aldrich, D.V. (, 1964)
      Evidence from studies in 1960-1961 implicated Clear Lake, a secondary bay in the Galveston Bay system, as a site of infection. The present year's activities again pointed to the estuary as the area in which shrimp acquired ...